The Malone meatoplasty: A dorsal approach to meatal stenosis in patients with lichen sclerosus (3. Filmpreis 2013)



J. Kranz1, P. Anheuser1, P. Malone*2, J. Steffens1

1St. - Antonius Hospital, Urologie und Kinderurologie, Eschweiler, Germany, 2Royal Berkshire Hospital, Harold HopkinsDepartment of Urology, Reading, United Kingdom

Introduction: The treatment of meatal stenosis associated with lichen sclerosus is traditionally treated either by meataldilatation or ventral meatotomy. These operations have high recurrence rates or create a hypospadiac meatus. We present anestablished technique in the use of a dorsal approach.

Material/methods: Initially a small ventral meatotomy is performed. The epithelium of the urethra and glans is opposed with 3,6-zero polyglactin (PG) sutures. This acts to widen the meatus slightly without making it hypospadiac but more importantly itallows the insertion of forceps to assess and ensure that the stricture does not extend significantly into the navicular fossa.Next a deeper dorsal meatotomy is performed. Again the epithelium of the urethra/glans are opposed. The combination of smallventral and deeper dorsal meatotomies should completely open the stenosed meatus but the cosmetic appearance at this stageis poor since the sutures of the dorsal meatotomy pucker the glans due to the thickness of the corpus spongiosum. This isovercome by an inverted V-shaped relieving incision with the apex of the V close to the proximal limit of the dorsal meatotomy.The edges of the relieving incision are freed by sharp dissection. The opposing left and right inner edges are closed withcontinuous PG to form the roof of the distal neourethra. The outer glans layer is opposed with interrupted PG. The final result isa slit-like but good calibre meatus at the tip of the glans.

Results: During a follow-up of 4.2 years there were recurrences in 6/116 patients, 5 of whom required re-operation (4.3%).93% patients were either happy or very happy with the cosmetic result.Conclusion: This technique can achieve excellent aesthetic results, with low incidence of a spraying stream.

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