Total intracorporeal robotic ileal condiut



D. Thüer*1, A. Mottrie1, N. Buffi*2, N. Koliakos*1, G. De Naeyer*1, P. Carpentier*1, P. Schatteman*1, P. Willemsen*1, E. Fonteyne1

1O.L.V. Clinic, Department of Urology, Aalst, Belgium, 2Vita-Salute Universität, San Raffaele-Turro Hospital, Department of Urology, Milano, Italy

Objective: During the last years, the number of indications for robotic assisted surgery has dramatically increased. In our video, we wanted to present a case of with total intracorporeal ileal conduit for muscle invasive bladder cancer.

Methods: Our video shows our operative technique.

Results: We safely performed the robotic assisted procedure.

Conclusions: Robotic assisted surgery offers the same results as in open surgery in a minimally invasive fashion with better vision, allowing very meticulous and precise handling. A robotic assisted radical cystectomy with total intracorporeal ileal conduit represents a feasible, reproducible and safe operative technique.

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