Forschungs- und Innovantionspreis für Urologische Onkologie

PD Dr. med. Wolfgang Fendler, Essen
 „Assessment of 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET Accuracy in Localizing Recurrent Prostate Cancer - A Prospective Single-Arm Clinical Trial.”

Martin Puhr, Innsbruck, Österreich
The glucocorticoid receptor is a key player for prostate cancer cell survival and a target for improved anti-androgen therapy

PD Dr. Tobias Maurer, München
Value of 111In-prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-radioguided surgery for salvage lymphadenectomy in recurrent prostate cancer: correlation with histopathology and clinical follow-up

Dr. Renate Pichler, Innsbruck
Tumor-infiltrating immune cell subpopulations influence the oncologic outcome after intravesical bacillus calmette-guérin therapy in bladder cancer

PD Dr. Jörg Ellinger, Bonn
Identification of novel long non-coding RNAs in clear cell renal cell carcinoma

J. Heinzelmann, Homburg/Saar
MicroRNAs with Prognostic Potential for Metastasis in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Comparison of Primary Tumors and Distant Metastases

W. Jager, Mainz
Ultrasound-guided intramural inoculation of orthotopic bladder cancer xenografts: a novel high-precision approach

Heidegger, I., Innsbruck
Diverse Functions of IGF/Insulin Signaling in Malignant and Noncancerous Prostate Cells: Proliferation in Cancer Cells and Differentiation in Noncancerous Cells

Hofer, J., Innsbruck
PIAS1 is increased in human prostate cancer and enhances proliferation through inhibition of p21

Ohlmann, C.-H., Markert, E., Gerharz, M., Dienes, H.-P., Stockle, M., Engelmann, U., Heidenreich, A.
Improving the Efficacy of Targeted Trials by Multiple-marker Analysis in Castrationresistant Prostate Cancer

Roos, F., R., Roberts, A. M., Hwang, I. L., Moriyama, E. H., Evans, A. J., Sybingco, S., Warson, I. R., Carneiro, L. A. M., Gedye, C., Girardin, S., E., Ailles, L. E., Jewett, M. A S., Milosevic, M., Wilson, B. C., Bell, J. C., Der, S. D., Ohh, M.
Oncolytic Targeting of Renal Cell Carcinoma via Encephalomyocarditis Virus

Kruck, S., Bedke, J., Hennenlotter, J., Ohneseit, P.A., Kuehs, U., Senger, E., Sievert, K.-D., Stenzl, A., Tübingen Activation of mTOR in renal cell carcinoma is due to increased phosphorylation rather than protein overexpression

Tezval, H., Hannover
Urocortin and corticotropin releasing factor receptor 2 in human renal cell carcinoma: disruption of an endogenous inhibitor of angiogenesis and proliferation

Grünwald, V., De Graffenried, L., Russel, D., Friedrichs, W.E., Ray, R.B., Hidalgo, M., Hannover
Inhibitors of m TOR Reverse Doxorubicin Resistance Conferred by PTEN Status in Prostate Cancer Cells