notification for speakers and moderators

Reference for speakers

Please notice that you can upload your presentation (exclusively PowerPoint presentation) from as early as September , 2022 via the Internet.

At the appropriate time you will receive for this an e-mail with the corresponding link to the presentation portal which is protected with your personal password as well as further technical information. Therefore you don´t have to submit your presentation at the media check directly on-site.

We want you to consider that we will record a large number of meetings for a web presentation on the DGU-homepage. Therefor we need a picture of all speakers, which you can upload also in advance together with your presentation on the same portal.

If you submit your presentation on-site, please use CDs, USB sticks or similar data carriers. The self-check-in terminals are located at the media counter.

Please submit your media at least 120 minutes before the corresponding lecture at the media check. In case you have any question regarding the presentation our friendly staff will be pleased to help you.

We don't accept media in the lecture halls. You can't connect your own notebook.

For lectures within scientific lecture sessions there will be generally a timeframe of 7 minutes presentation time and 3 minutes discussion time.

We will be glad to answer your technical questions regarding your presentation via e-mail (dgu(at)


Reference for moderators

Lecture session can be successful only if the moderators are well prepared for the session.

The first moderator should introduce to the topic (max. 2 minutes). At the end of the session one of the both moderators should make a short summary of the session. Therefore a prior agreement among the moderators would be desirable. They shall ensure that speaking times are respected and following sessions will not be affected.


Camera work, sound and montage

Camera works, sounds and montage are not allowed for copyright reasons.


Lecture prizes (clinical/experimental)

At the end of each session the moderators will name the best lecture of the corresponding session according presentation form and content of the jury. Assessment sheets will be available on the moderator desk. Please complete the sheet after the session and hand it to the staff.

From this selection a jury will nominate on Friday evening the best lecture considering the assessment of the abstracts, which are nominated by 3 lecture prize winners. The prize winners will be mentioned by the president of the congress on Saturday (24.9.2022) during the concluding forum. A separate application for the lecture prizes is not possible.