guideline of conflicts of interest

Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest

DGU strives to ensure in all its activities independence, objectivity, diversity of opinion as well as scientific excellence.

To meet this requirement speakers are expected to disclose their financial or other connections with pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical technology companies, consulting firms and other organizations, for which a conflict of interest cannot be excluded.

DGU is aware that these connections do not imply necessarily a bias or depreciate basically the value of a professional performance.

However, to consider potential influential factors, the disclosure of the corresponding connections is necessary. This may be required, for example, for the acceptance of scientific lectures at the DGU Congress, for lectures within the scope of DGU advanced training courses or for the release of publications on behalf of DGU. The disclosure enables those responsible at DGU to assess objectively possible influential factors.

All speakers of the 74thnnual Congress are obliged to provide information concerning potential conflicts of interest in relation to the presented subject (by mentioning the period, for example, during the years 2018 to 2022) and to show a corresponding slide after the lecture title.